The Joy Project

The Joy Project 40 began as a tool for helping me get unstuck and move towards God's will for my life. For most of my life, I sought to serve myself, trust myself, handle everything myself and ultimately glorify myself. In the midst of a particularly difficult time, I had a major collision with Christ
and came face to face with a painful truth...
I had no relationship with Him.
My belief in Him was not changing me...there was no fruit.
I did not trust Him and I had very little faith.
As God began to create some big changes in me personally, I found myself increasingly more uncomfortable professionally. After ten years with the same organization, I was terrified to make a change, even though I could hear God calling me out of my comfort zone and towards something different.
I worried about everything...finances, marriage, children and above all REGRET/ FAILURE!
I started praying for ways that God could use me and the gifts He has given me.
And then came the hard part...I trusted Him to lead me into a place where I could be used.
Seven months later, I left my job and started walking through the doors that He opened.
It has been better than anything I could have planned for myself and it has taught me
so much about trust, obedience and being content in His provision.
I am a wife to the funniest, most devoted, hard-working, Jesus loving man I know.
I am imperfect mommy of the year to my two beautiful boys
who teach me all about grace, humility, FUN and what really matters.
I am a clinical social worker who works part-time as a therapist helping little people and their families heal.
I lead parenting workshops in our community and am extremely humbled by the opportunity to do so.
The Joy Project 40 is all about transformation, redemption and trusting God to lead the way.
I proudly confess that I am a perfect mess as I joyfully and with an abundance of stumbles seek to serve the great I AM.

Harbor United Methodist Church
Parenting is Fun with Love and Logic
May 11th, 18th and 25th
6:30-7:30 pm
Contact 910-452-7202 for more information

The Joy Project 40

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