Monday, March 14, 2011

1000 gifts

Since I just started my blog, few of you would know that I am pretty much always freaking out about Ann Voskamp's blog ( and book, One Thousand Gifts. I do not have the words to convey how much her words encourage me and how the challenge of recording God's gifts over and over has opened my eyes to seeing Him in my life each and every day.
God has used Ann's gifts to teach me (and countless others) to acknowledge and give thanks daily that All is Grace!

Here are some of my recent "God is here" moments:

15-Isaiah stoked about a friend's salvation
31- girlfriends who "tell it" in love and just like it is
57- straight honesty from a little person
60- a new Bible study with new friends
62- surprises that go beyond my wildest imagination
77- taking risks and walking on the edge
78- a weekend spent "shibby shabbing" old furniture with my sister
79- reunion with one of my favorites after just saying goodbye
80- anticipating the most special of girl's nights
81- worship songs that fill me full of Him and drown out the enemy noise


  1. There are many times God uses a praise and worship song to speak to my heart too!

  2. Such a great list. Surprises can be so wonderful! "Shibby shabbing" old furniture with your sister sounds like a perfect way to spend a weekend! :)

  3. Loving your gratitude...I want to go "shibby shabbing"...sounds right up my alley!

  4. Oh, I just love this list! Isn't that book just the greatest. And shibby shabbing ---- now I want to go, too! It was so good to be here today! Thank you for the uplifting gratitudes!!!


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