Monday, March 21, 2011

love so Amazing!

my cup runneth over. it has been one of those weeks where His presence has outweighed my own and i can feel it so deeply.
counting blessings with ann and so many other wonderful women today.

88- watching turtles sunbathe in a pond with the two cutest boys on the planet
92- funny husband with silly surprises
96- fried green tomatoes with mozzarella
97- girl's night away with one very short sleep break from non-stop talking
98- cookies and cream milkshakes
99- making up "moves" to the Lord's prayer to help my baby remember his Bible verse
100- parents who trust me to walk with their children and families through the toughest moments
105- Friday morning Bible study that I don't want to end
106- a friend sharing Andy Stanley's, The Grace of God on cd (i love it!!!)
107- Saturday's double header and a beautiful 75 degrees
108- proud boys who hit balls, run the bases and try so hard to pay attention
109- Willie Wonka
110- Apples to Apples Family with the silliest of sillies
111- beauty from ashes
112- little people that God has a "special plan for" (his dad's words) sitting beside me in church and filling my heart with grace
114- a slew of nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, grannies and friends gathered together in the lobby after a church service
115- my youngest nephew showing me his coloring page from Sunday School that says something awesome about that would be some amazing grace!!!



  1. Your job must be so challenging as well as rewarding!
    I hope you know I can't stop thinking about fried green tomatoes with mozzerella now! :)

  2. Turtles... I love turtles! Our family loves to play apples to apples. It is so much fun! What a wonderful list of gifts you have. Thank you for sharing. :)


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