Friday, July 8, 2011


It is a word that holds deeper meaning every day.
I am learning that it requires action to really understand.
It is a pretty word.
A word that I used to use over and over again without ever accepting the challenge that lies within it.
The dare to go deeper and learn to really SEE.
To experience open my hands.
To not compare.
I often have parents tell me that their children are ungrateful.
Spoiled, disrespectul, only thinking of themselves.
I am certain that I get a twinkle in my eye during these conversations because Jesus has shown me that I have a pretty strong tendency to be the exact same way.
When I suggest to parents, that perhaps gratitude is an action that is learned.
That when we open up our hearts and arms to see what we have and stop focusing on what we don't have that our lives change...radically.
That we teach gratitude by living it ourselves, I often get a puzzled look.
Then a nod, perhaps an uncomfortable smile? This is a hard one.
And I know that they are thinking...we came here to talk about fixing my child.
I know.
This is not worldly counsel.
This truth doesn't come from self-reliance, higher self-esteem, glossy magazines, red carpet premieres, shopping malls, smaller sizes and bigger toys.
This is the counsel of our Savior.
And I am grateful to know Him.


  1. What can beat the counsel of the Savior? He so contradicts the worldly advice, but next to Him, worldly advice looks pretty shabby.

  2. "That we teach gratitude by living it ourselves." Those are some awesome words. So very, very true.


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