Monday, July 25, 2011

Hold Fast

9,400 women gathered this weekend in Charlotte, NC
to worship Jesus through the leadership of Beth Moore.
I got to go with three girls I am absolutely crazy about.
Girl's weekends with these ladies are hard to come by but somehow
He made it happen and we loved, laughed, shared and teared up the whole time.
As for Mrs. Beth...well this was everyone's first time seeing her in person.
And she is just the cutest thing ever.
And WoW can she deliver a message straight from HIM.
HOLD FAST was her message for Charlotte.
HOLD FAST to Jesus Now.
Right Now.
She tells us,
"He is the only way yo fulfill your purpose in this life.
Don't let anything come between you.
Adhere to Him, cleave to Him, stick to Him like glue.
He holds you always but you must hold Him back to experience a life more abundant.
You are called to a life that works.
You are not called to be a train wreck (love that one).
You do not know who you are until you love God.
The more you put off obedience the more you put off His blessings".
And that was my moment.
Obey is my word for 2011 and it has been a struggle.
Death of self is a hard one even though I have had all of me I can take.
And the more I struggle with obeying my own desires over the desires He has for me
the more I am convicted  and acknowledging that I hold on loosely.
I am not clinging.
I waver and wander.
And I often find myself dancing around in this earthly world that seeks to destroy me
and keep me distracted.
Somtimes I want destruction. Sometimes I want distraction.
Jesus is not always easy and He is not always fun.
And Beth says, "Choose life. Choose your hard. Hard Victory or Hard Defeat".
And it stings because I know.
I am hardwired to want them both.
To know and want the victory that Jesus brings and to be so freaked out by it that I run a million miles backwards and into the arms of the temporary.
What would it be like to live His truth and belive that I am radically loved and forgiven?
Can I hold fast even when it hurts and my life shakes?
When insecurity and the pit calls my name.
When the temporary teases?
Is it possible for me to trust Him that much?
Can I tolerate the discomfort long enough to find out?
At the end, before we close in worship,
I take the hands of one of the most precious women that God has chosen for me to do life with.
I can see my sister holding onto the most wonderful bundle of courage, strength and determination I know.
And we follow Beth in speaking Truth to one another.
It is a moment that is rare.
Intimate and unforgettable...
and so very needed.
Hold Fast Sister...until the day that you bow at His feet and lay your crown before Him.
Hold fast...

Counting blessings with Ann,
  • road trips
  • the sound of worship songs led by Travis Cottrell and belted out by 9,400 women
  • tin foil
  • ultra cheap hotel rooms that lead to abundant laughter
  • weddings
  • swollen eyes
  • confessions, digging deep and repentence
  • funny mall pictures
  • even funnier photo booth pictures
  • collard greens, deviled eggs, fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, green beans at King's Kitchen
  • husbands that hold down the fort for the weekend
  • Green Lantern and Captain America waiting for me at home
  • my oldest asking to be baptised
  • Starbucks iced coffee
  • butterflies
  • pink
  • hands lifted high in praise

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