Monday, July 11, 2011


The puppy is chewing something she shouldn't.
She is always chewing something she shouldn't.
The boys are sleeping.
The husband is working.
And I am thinking.
About everything.
Emotions have run strong this week and His presence has kind of overwhelmed me.
I have seen Him and felt His presence everywhere.
So many moments.
On the beach with my sister's family. Buckets full of hermit crabs, bags of chips and happy cousins.
On boat rides where His beauty and creativity was so much more obvious than the lavish homes that fight for attention.
In a sweet little island rental with my sister-in-law's family and favorite friends. Gooey pizza, fried seafood and noticing that my boys suddenly seem SO BIG.
On a long waterway excursion with four little boys when the engine suddenly stopped and black smoke billowed.
Being pulled safely back to my father-in-law's by Sea-Tow as sparkly fireworks danced in the sky in every direction.
In my neighbor's text as were being towed. Her husband's brother had died instantly of a heart attack.
In her phone call the next day. The loss of her brother-in-law had left her 12 year old niece without a father or a mother.
In a moment her family had grown from three to four.
I weep and smile.
I know He is here.
Here when it all makes sense.
And here when it doesn't.
Trusting that His will is sovereign can be tough business.
Especially when it exposes the reality that moments matter.
Instant or gradual...moments build and
we cannot escape the reality that moments alter our perspective,
change our circumstances and transform us.
But they don't change Him.
He is always LOVE.
Even when I don't understand.
Even when I don't like it.
Even when it exposes me.
He is always LOVE.
There is no time for my selfish motives.
No time for motives that twist and turn Truth and elevate the enemy.
Time counts.
Love cannot wait.

Loving deeply and doing my best to get out of my own way and let his light SHINE.
  • my brother and sister
  • my nieces and nephews
  • my sister-in-law's and brother-in-law's
  • my mom
  • my dad
  • my sweet friends
  • my husband
  • my beautiful boys
  • doing life with all of the above
  • the magnificence of the coast
  • a birthday party in the country with cornfields that stretch for miles
  • sharing a new dream with LAB
  • U2 tribute band on the waterfront
  • late night with the boys at the frozen yogurt bar
  • a SUPER clean car
  • rain
  • a working garbage disposal
  • a naughty puppy


  1. Oh what a great list.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful family vacation!

  2. So enjoyed reading about your moments and how you are intentionally choosing to see God in all of them. Thought of you the other day as I was gluing gems to a picture frame and then again when I saw a girl with glittered up it!


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