Friday, September 2, 2011


I am using the prompt "rest" from 5 minute Friday but this post was absolutely not written in 5 minutes. I was a little overwhelmed by the prompt and decided to just write today in hopes that this post will help me rest.

She was tired. 19 years together and all I had to do was catch a
glimpse of her at the office door and I knew.
The knowing took my breath away.
Tears streamed hot. Her work was done.
When we first met it was questionable who needed who most.
I was a 20 year old mess who was so lost that I was looking for anything that might help me escape.
She had been abandoned in the woods and rescued. 
She fit in the palm of my hand and seemed so fragile.
I fell in love with her the minute I saw her.
She hid in my closet for weeks and when she came out she was fierce.
Brave and wild and fun and beautiful.
A Siamese with big blue eyes.
I named her, Jewels.
It is crazy how much you can love an animal.
Almost every person I have known for the last 19 years knew Jewels.
It was as though she was a thread that ran through every experience.
I wrote short stories in college about her.
I have always used her as a character in my work with children.
She was so pretty that she seemed to command attention without even trying.
Her biggest claim to fame was the fact that she did not have
the best reputation for being easy to get along with.
And there was something about that, that made so many smile...often in hindsight.
In the early years, she would just as soon bite you as look at you.
If you played with her, you would have the battle wounds to show it.
She would appear to be enjoying the attention and moments
later rear her ears back and hiss so loudly that it would make you jump.
But she always saved the best for me.
I was her girl, her person and she gave me so many quiet moments
that seemed all the more special given her tendencies.
When I got pregnant she would lie on my belly as though she knew
we were cooking up something amazing.
As cute as her "egg hatching" was, I worried how she would treat the babies when they arrived.
But motherhood seemed to chill her out and her mama instincts kicked right in.
She thought that both of her boys hung the moon and she took over their rooms when they arrived.
 19 years....a husband, two boys and so much else later, Jewels somehow got old.
And it was hard for me to see.
And perhaps it was hard because I had gotten 19 years older too.
And I just cannot believe that much time has passed.
For the last year, we have done all we could to make her comfortable.
Our neighbors on both sides, have cared for her when she would wind up at their doors and they loved on her up with ear rubs and fresh water.
Everyone kept making observations and I continually reassured myself that I would know.
That she would tell me.
When I saw her at the door Monday night I knew.
My sweet girl needed rest.
She was tired.
She had fought the good fight.
I wrapped her in my first born's baby blanket and my mom drove us to the vet.
As we rode, she reached a paw up to my face and seemed to wipe my tears as we drove.
Telling me, telling me, telling me...
It is so much easier to rest when you have loved deeply and been deeply loved.
Amen, sweet girl.
Thank you.


  1. Really beautiful! (...and I'm sorry for your loss.) You are so correct--resting is easier when we know we are loved. Thank you for this!

  2. Such a beautiful testimony of love! I'm sorry for your loss, Lisa. Praying that you find rest in God's love for you. Many blessings!

  3. Nothing like a first of the morning cry. Jewels will be missed...she was beautiful and fun and loved you so!

  4. just cried again! What a great way to save that memory of sweet kitty! Love you


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