Friday, August 19, 2011


I used to believe in a different kind of new.
The kind of new where new shoes, new clothes, a new house, being somewhere new, anything new would make everything better.
That kind of new creates a scary, lonely cycle.
But I have stretched.
And changed.
And I don't believe in that kind of new anymore.
Each day we face the prospect of something new.
Life can change in an instant.
And while something new can bring celebration, it can also shake us to our core and make us ask why.
 Safety beckons and new presents a risky challenge.
New calls us to walk on the edge.
To be present, alive, courageous, open because we do not know what He has in store.
Our senses are heightened and our lives become alive in the new.
New comes in the willingness to wrap our lives around the present
and not just engage in the pretty and controlled.
But to stay put and feel...
no matter how amazing it is, how bad it hurts,
how angry it makes us, how scary it is, how vulnerable we feel.
And while it always seems easier to color within the lines of the plan I create for myself and not take risks and embrace something new...
I long for transformation and freedom.
I long for new.



  1. "New" can be both mouth watering and heart breaking, right?
    Our heart will be broken anyway, sometimes even without apparent reason... so why not take a leap of faith? ;)

  2. Oh how I can relate to this post. I too am learning that the new "stuff" isn't where I want my joy to come from.

  3. Perfect post, Lisa! Were thinking along the same lines here - thinking new will bring us happiness. But only Jesus can fill that longing. His newness is what's perfect for us.

  4. New comes in the willingness to wrap our lives around the present.
    I LOVE this comment It is all about being content and letting God work in us and around us in everything....not seeking elsewhere.

  5. Wow Lisa, that is great and full of truth! When I wrote my 5 Minute post, my mind went in a different direction, but I could have said the same thing. Sometimes "new" doesn't always feel so good.

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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