Monday, August 15, 2011

School is Approaching

I am officially grieving the end of summer.
In ten days my boys will walk back into their school and into a routine that week after glorious week will get increasingly harder on ME.
I just don't have a great deal of stamina when it comes to alarm clocks, spelling tests, lunch packing and folder signing.
It makes me woozie and requires far more organization than I care to pretend I posses.
And given my propensity for rebellion, this is really not all that surprising.

Just this morning, LAB asked what our plans were for the day.
I explained that I am on strike and refusing to acknowledge or purchase school supplies
(even though I have had their lists for 2 weeks).
Traffic is too bad to make the trek across town to the uniform store
(and gas is expensive and it's hot outside).
And yesterday I covered my bases and asked my soon to be 1st grader to read me a book just
 to ensure that he had not forgotten how
(because that would have made me look really bad).

If you are still reading this bless your heart.
Because this is all a bunch of silly bravado aimed at avoiding the truth.
The truth is, I don't want school to start because the momentum picks up.
And our easy pace gets interrupted..
School also takes them away from me, which just makes me sad.
With each lunch packed, spelling test taken, memory verse recited, alarm clock set...
they get more independent.
And of course I know that's a good thing.
But it doesn't make it easy.
I kneel beside them and watch them sleep.
They sleep side by side. 
 Their legs hook around one another and their heads tilt together.
They take my breath away.
They are perfect gifts.
Brothers. Sons.
I pray for God to guard their eyes, ears, hearts and minds.
I pray that He will set them on fire for Him.
I pray for His will.
Tears fall.
They unpeel me because more than anything or anyone they point me to Him.
And I just want to hold on.

And breathe them in for as long as possible, counting His grace... with no interruptions.

  • Questions with no answers
  • Beyblades in plastic tupperware containers making TONS of noise
  • Pokemon talk that makes no sense
  • Puppy wrestling
  • Sneaking gum from drawers
  • Dance moves that impress
  • Blueberry mustaches
  • Signed baseballs
  • Movie nights
  • clean closets
  • snakes in the drain pipes (or frogs)
  • Heathwood Drive baseball in the dark with neighbors
  • painting
  • ice cream
  • lightsaber fights
  • smoothies (with spinach hidden inside)


  1. Just stopping by from a Holy Experience. I guess that school could mean more indepedence, it's just I just began homeschooling a pre schooler today so I am not quite there yet. (i forgot how much prep work pre school takes because they are not independent enough to do anything themselves yet.) But I admit, his little sister is eleven months old and those were the quickest eleven months ever for me.

  2. Movie nights, ice cream and light saber fights...yes. They grow up so fast. I'm afraid the light saber fighting is dwindling down around these parts. Sigh.


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