Friday, May 13, 2011

Love and Logic Workshop

Hello to everyone who joined me Wednesday night for some Love and Logic Parenting. I apologize for the late blog post. Blogger has been down for a couple of days??
Your participation and smiles were such a blessing to me and really helped put my nerves to rest. It was such a fun experience and I cannot wait to hear all about your power statements and one-liners. The creators of Love and Logic, Foster Cline and Jim Fay have amazing insight when it comes to children/teens and have had a tremendous impact on me both personally and professionally.

Foster Cline

Jim Fay
 I share Pastor Donald's sentiment, that Love and Logic can really transform the way we relate to our children and free us up to enjoy a more fun, respectful and responsible household. Feel free to post comments, ask questions and share stories. I will respond here in the comment section.

If you would rather, you can also email me at

Remember....Empathy first...This is your Power Statement! Love and Logic requires empathy and it is so easy to skip over this crucial component. This is a much different approach than most of us are used to and goes against our natural response pattern, especially when we are frustrated, tired or angry. Empathy helps to diffuse anger, clarify emotion and promote self-control. It also conveys understanding and strengthens relationships. Leading with empathy takes a lot of practice before it becomes natural.

You can do it!

Example empathy statements from

• Uh-oh

• What a bummer!

• This is so sad.

• Dude....this is hard.

• Wow...this is tough

See you next Wednesday!

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