Monday, May 2, 2011


I often wonder if He is recognizable in me. I get icky uncomfortable when I am faced with the question of whether or not my life and behavior reflects my Savior's love for me. I wonder if my interactions and relationships with others reflect His love or if I have simply shifted from an "all about me" attitude to an, "I love me and I love Jesus" frame of mind. Might there be an answer in the, "I wonder"?
Ridding myself of me is a tough job and I surely don't have enough strength to do it on my own. I never will.  Is it really possible to say "Yes" to love, to only desire His will and to obey even when it's inconvenient or uncomfortable. I am not talking perfection, I am just talking supernatural change. I am learning, relearning and working to  focus my eyes, ears, mind and heart on all the blessings I have and begging Him for the strength to not allow a single second of my time to be spent in comparisons, destintation thinking or a mountain of "wants".
This counting of blessings is a gift. It reminds me just how much He loves us and makes Him so much more recognizable to me. It also places me in His presence where I can grow stronger in who He is and He can shine, shine, shine.

1Corinthians 10:31
Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
  • family vacations with no cell phones
  • boys out of school for a week
  • fajitas and jalapeno poppers with queso
  • a little girl in Sunday School singing a song that she made up that was all about loving Jesus and made me laugh so hard I was crying
  • seeing Cirque de Soleil (wow!)
  • new worship songs
  • new friends
  • bright red orchids
  • puppy wrestling
  • sunscreen
  • laundry...washed, dryed, folded and put away

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