Monday, May 23, 2011


My one word this year is obey. Given that it is hard for me to remember that my life is not about serving myself, obedience to God does not come naturally nor does the patience to wait on Him. Almost half-way through 2011, I have not grown as much as I would have liked in the area of obedience. I still speak words that are better left unspoken, argue, want my own way and get frustrated when I meet resistence of any kind. This has me thinking that perhaps in my effort to become more obedient, I must first learn to yield. To recognize the flashing lights of temptation, slow down, proceed with caution and keep my eyes focused on Him. How easy it is to become distracted, even intrigued by the flashing lights and plunge straight over the cliff into the valley of sin and forget who I was designed to serve and what my life is about in this oh so very temporary home.

Continuing to count the blessings that come straight from Him:
  • a lunch date with my joy baby
  • sweet texts from co-workers who share encouragement
  • bright, vivid colors
  • pink sunrises
  • water to drink and play in
  • a long "to do list" accomplished
  • cooking dinner with friends while kids play
  • the boys getting to 100 on their lists and being so excited
  • my sweet friend's 41st birthday celebration at our small group
  • a 300 piece puzzle that took entirely too long but made us laugh
  • the puppy ringing the bell to go outside and potty!!! (big deal)
  • a new book
  • a new favorite song
  • love
  • girlfriends who tell it
  • 2 more weeks of school!!


  1. Obey... what a wonderful word for the year. I could use some work on that too! I love that puzzle. So much fun to work on! Our dog rings a bell to go out too. Love that.... although sometimes he rings it like crazy just to go chase a cat! lol

  2. Yay for vivid colors... and for checked-off to-do lists! (Both warm my heart...) :o) I'm so impressed that your dog rings a bell to go outside - what a great idea! I wonder if my 6-yr-old schnauzer could get the hang of that. :o) Right now, his method is to come, sit down by me, and stare at me very seriously - sometimes it takes me a minute to realize what he wants. :o) Great list, and thanks for stopping by my blog! God bless...

  3. love the vivid colors too...and so impressed your dog rings a bell to go outside...perhaps I should try that with my potty training son, ring a bell when you need to poo poo because everything else has proven unsuccessful! thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your post..encouraging.

  4. Your words on obey hit my heart. I have had my own share of trouble with that. God continues to edge me to His way not mine. Loved your list. Wonderful.


  5. I love pink sunrises and sunsets which we are blessed to get quite often in Florida. Thanks for sharing.


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