Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh my! What a weekend.
My sister and I headed to the NC mountains Friday for the Image of the Maker retreat with
Christa Wells, Nicole Witt and Ann Voskamp.

It was 24 hours of pure nourishment full of laughter, tears, creativity and brave transparency.
I just love being with groups of women and hearing redemption stories.
Combine that with some of the most beautiful worship music I have ever heard, an author who has surrendered her comfort zone in obedience to Christ and taught me how to count all over again and
 the chance to embellish a cross with glue, rhinestones and seashells.

Well, let's just was pretty close to perfection.
I was unprepared however to be absolutely smitten by two beautiful Texans, runners from SC and KY, a NC author whose jewelry I just know I would love to raid, a Compassion advocate full of stories and talent and an incredible mother of 8!
It was truly the most amazing time...
embracing brokenness, the pea of possibility, giftedness, stewardship, long faithfulness, healing,
culture making and the lens of Jesus.
May all applause be for my Creator alone.
Dear God, lead me to faithful and joyful obedience and the courage to run towards your healing.

Counting the ways he loves,
  • Boys in swimming pools, dripping wet and welcoming me home
  • All the baseball mamas I met that laughed with me and understood
  • violins, voices and pianos that bring cleansing tears

  • just not being able to get enough of our 4 legged family member
  • a little one sooo dirty I couldn't help but smile
  • my oldest smiling, sweaty, arm around my waist and head on my side
  • LAB getting everyone where they needed to be while I was away
  • gifts given and stewarded well
  • all the possibilities of summer break
  • this post that i suddenly remembered this weekend and how very much I needed it at the time
  • this baptism that paved the way for her to join me this weekend (my sister)


  1. You're so silly....I looove you and look forward to 1000 more experiences like this weekend with you. Smooch!

  2. I love love your BLOG!! It has to be one of the prettiest blogs I've seen in awhile!! I also love those bracelets... how fun!! I'm your newest follower!!


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