Friday, June 24, 2011


Here in the south, wonder and wander kind of sound the same.
As I am thinking through the word wonder, my mind keeps wandering and that is the way it goes with me most of the time.
I wonder about everything.
Choices, decisions, justifications, rationalizations, fears, forgiveness, celebrations, name it...
I wonder about it.
I ask questions and try not to make assumptions.
Try is the key word.
And then I wander.
In and out, above and below, around and through the truth of my faith, the truth of His promises. 
I contrast this truth to the worldly interpretations, meanings and counsel that are abundant everywhere I go.
And I get confused.
And wonder.
When I will ever stop wandering from the Truth?


  1. Lisa, I also associate wonder with wander, but did not even consider that they sound the same (I also live in the South)! The brain has to wander to wonder. So does the body. Cool. Have a great day!

  2. Why do I wander ... and now I wonder? The best posts bring either inspiration or revelation ... today you brought revelation.
    Thank you.

  3. lisa, i love this... how you associate the two words... and how you seek so deep, and desire deeper. i was very touched by the comment you left on my blog regarding your own ED, and how a kitten helped you to heal. i do have an ED blog, in case you're interested: so good to 'meet' you.


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